Method Used Cat. # Price
Antibody Purification

Protein A or G
Up to 250 mg. yield (For all mouse lgGs, most human lgGs, rabbit lgGs, etc.)

25P $650 min.

Affinity Chromatography
Up to 100 mg. antibody (For antibodies which cannot be purified using milder techniques. Consists of eluting antibody from an antispecies specific resin bound antibody).

35P $1200 min.

IgM Purification
Any species up to 50 mg. yield
Excellent yield, mild purification conditions, purity >90%

45P $1200 min.

Bulk Antibody Purification
0.5g to 10g

65P Inquire
Antibody Production

A. Supernatant (per liter)

11D $550

B. Bio-reactor concentrated supernatant
Setup fee = $600: per 200 ml = $350
from a hybridoma supplied by customer for each.

15D $550
Fab Preparation
up to 200 mg. antibody. Restilts not guaranteed depending
tipon species source.
21D Inquire
Fab2 Preparation
up to 200 mg. antibody. Restilts not guaranteed depending
tipon species source.
31D Inquire
Monoclonal Antibody Development
(Inquire for specifics)
55D $7500 min
O.E.M. Contracts
For large and small scale projects, custom conjugations, purifications, pilot immunoassay development, etc. For conjugations, purification, tandems, special requirements (cx. bead, peprides. or oligonucleotide conjugations).

Price List of Conjugation Services

Low Molecular Weight Probes

Probe Cat. #    Price: 1-5 mg Price: 20 mg
Biotin B100 $650 $750
Flourescein F100 $650 $750
Texas Red T100 $650 $750
Rhodomine D100 $650 $750
Cy3(+ dye cost)
C103 $650 $750
Cy5(+ dye cost)
C105 $650 $750
Cy7(+ dye cost)
C107 $650 $750

Expected yield for protein-protein conjugates is 70%—90%


Covalent Conjugation to Phycobiliproteins

Probe Cat. #    Price Excit. max (nm) Emission max (nm) Laser needed  
R-PE (phycoerythrin) R200 $1200 480,545,565 575 Argon
APC (allophycocyanine) A200 $1300 650 660 He-Ne or A200
PE-Cy5 R500 $1500 480/670 680 Argon
APC - Cy7 A700 $1500 6 10-650 710+ He-Ne or dye
R-PE-Cy7 R700 $1500 710+ Argon

Up to 5 mg. antibody conjugated. Slightly higher price for greater quantities of antibody.

Enzyme Cat. #    Price
HRPO H200 $1200
Alk. Phos. P300 $1200

Finished product is put into appropriate buffers for best long-term storage.

Note: Enzyme conjugates of HRPO and Alk. Phos. are also available for most antibodies we list.

Reference: Glazer and Stryer, Biophys. J. 43:383-386 1983.


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